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Please contact us to discuss your tax situation and our availability to assist you with this year's tax preparation.

Returning Clients

Step 1: Accept the terms to the Engagement Letter agreement requesting our services by going to the REQUEST FOR SERVICES page, find the services needed, and fill out the online form as instructed. 

Step 2: Request Organizer Checklist, Worksheets and Questionnaires from us.

Step 3: Organize your tax documents and information necessary for the preparation of your tax return and send to us (mail, fax, deliver or via ShareFile).

Step 4: For Users of ShareFile.

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  1. Click on Client Login button to reach the login screen.
  2. Enter Email.  Let us know if it doesn't work.  We may have used a different email address.
  3. Enter Password (if first time logging in, click on the "Forgot Password?" and establish your Password).

Use of ShareFile:

Go to “Folders”, “Shared Folders” and click on the folder with your name on it.  Inside this folder should be 2 folders (1) "Instructions" and (2) "Tax Year". The instructions folder will have directions on uploading    documentation. Upload documents to us into the Tax Year folder necessary for the preparation and filing of your tax return.

Note: If you prefer to work with us offline CONTACT US to request that we send you the engagement letter. Upon your receipt and your acceptance of the terms, sign the engagement letter and return to us.  Documents can be exchanged by mail or in person.


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Obtain Employer Identification Number - Online Application (Form SS-4)

IRS Forms and Publications

Request IRS Tax Transcript

Request Massachusetts Tax Transcript

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email or call 781-784-3662.



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